Greg Morrison's winning Limerick

November 2020 


We play tennis, we golf and shoot pool

Staying active is clearly the rule

We may go on a hike

We may ride on our bike

Who says these old farts aren't cool



In order to avoid being infected by this terrible virus called COVID-19,

follow the guidelines of the CDC.  Remember SOCIAL DISTANCING.

In the first sign of fever, immediately call your physician.




The Greater Danbury Area Men's Club is a nonprofit men's association located in Danbury, Connecticut. The Club is made up of area men of various backgrounds and interests. Most of the members are either retired or approaching retirement, and thus represent a wide range of experience and interests.  The club’s objectives are to promote fellowship by enriching the lives of its members through various meetings, activities and events.


The Club meets at the Hatter’s Park banquet hall in Danbury, CT on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, from September through June, with the exception of November and December, when there is one meeting on the 2nd Wednesday.  Membership is open to all men of the Greater Danbury Area.  Applicants for new membership must have a sponsor who is an active member and who will introduce the applicant to the Club at a regular meeting and guide him through the application process.